MS: What are your favorite parts about what you do?
LS: Getting to help women see their worth in who they are and lifting them up from the inside.

MS: What made you want to be what you are now?
LS: I love anything that allows me to be creative! I also share a joy for encouraging women, it was a win-win situation for me. 

MS: What was your pivotal moment in life that made you take this direction?
LS: Realizing that I could turn my artistry into a career.

MS: How did you get started/where did you begin?
LS: I went to beauty school and soon after jumped into every opportunity I could! Working at Sephora really was the turning point for me and opened up so many doors to where I am today!

MS: What are your short-term and/or long-term goals at the moment?
LS: Walking fearlessly! In both short and long term.

MS: Do you have advice for people interested in the same field?
LS: Start where you’re at, with what you have! 

MS: What is something(s) you wish you knew in the beginning?
LS: I wish I knew that I did not need anyone’s approval for my dreams and that the right people at the right time will come.

MS: Who/what are your biggest inspirations and why?
LS: Anyone who doesn’t allow fear to stop them from living out their dream.

MS: What is your favorite food/drink-related memory?
LS: Making homemade pizza with my mom, she taught us at a young age and it’s still my favorite to make with my family!

MS: What is your favorite quote(s) and why?
LS: “Association brings on assimilation,” Realizing that who we are around, we become.

MS: What is your favorite meal and/or drink to share?
LS: Any meal as long as I am with a loved one.
MS: What is your ideal day in the work life?
LS: On set for a cosmetic shoot! I long to wake up each day and work for a beauty brand or possibly my beauty brand!

MS: What are some things that keep you going?
LS: Realizing this path that I am on was never about me, but the women I would reach and help uplift.

MS: What is something you wish people learned or knew more about in your industry?
LS: There will always be someone greater than you, don’t strive to be the best, be YOUR best! 

MS: What does supporting local mean to you?
LS: Being genuinely honest about what and who you support, not to support just for a return, but being genuine. I feel that we tend to forget that we aren’t going to be for everyone, but a kind word or encouraging message is sometimes all the support we need!

MS: Do you have advice or encouragement for ways to support local?
LS: Don’t be afraid to reach out to someone you admire to just tell them how great of a job they’re doing!

MS: Is there anything you wish to add?
LS: Take time to know who you are whilst building your business. Your self care is equally as important as the care you provide for your products and services for others. Be kind to yourself and give yourself grace daily! 

MS: If you could solve one problem in the world, what would it be?
LS: I would love to solve “offensiveness.” Many in the world have become so offended over many topics and it truly has seeped into everything and has made such a toxic atmosphere. We are individually made different for a reason, we all see, think and respond differently for a reason, however, offense has created an unknown need inside of us to change ourselves for the world's acceptance.

MS: What is the most valuable advice you’ve received?
LS: It's okay to make mistakes on your journey. The fear of making mistakes from a “perfectionist” mindset, is actually procrastination from the fear of being rejected.

MS: How do you approach a work-life balance? 
LS: I am still working on this, because I don’t always get it right! However, through the years I have realized setting a time and place for what is needed when you can be alone to finish tasks and sticking to it, is super important. So that when you are with the loved ones around you, you can be more present. I always tried to blend the two; work and family, and it would always cause an unhealthy atmosphere because I was never present. Don’t wait to do the things you need to do, prepare BEFORE your services are needed.

MS: What is your definition of success?
LS: My definition of success has changed dramatically throughout the years, before starting my business my idea of success was being known by everyone. Now, my view of success is creating genuine connections with my clients that will last a lifetime of special moments for them, in which I would be included in. Success for me is about having what I need and the financial freedom to help others around me.

MS: How do you align your business decisions with your values each day?
LS: I have grown so much in understanding that my Faith is truly the foundation of my business and career. I would hide so much of it, in fear of what others would think or if they would reject me. I had to come to terms with realizing I am who I am because of my Faith. Those deepest connections I am able to make with complete strangers, is because of the gift God has given me to encourage others, to lift others up, to dust off their disbelief in themselves and doubts they may have and set them up for success. I was created to uplift the women who cross my path and I am not ashamed anymore to walk in my purpose.

I feel that we tend to forget that we aren’t going to be for everyone, but a kind word or encouraging message is sometimes all the support we need!


I was created to uplift the women who cross my path and I am not ashamed anymore to walk in my purpose.